Caster family MOVE

New materials, improved technology, and a striking design - MOVE combines these features in a new generation of chair casters. Technical as well as forming aspects were the decisive factors in the development of the caster family.

High-quality plastics ensure for less wear. The system has more stability and better rolling properties that are ensured by innovative guide carriages. When designing, particular emphasis was placed in the development of a simple and high-quality overall appearance at the same time. The neck of the housing, thus, the transition from the caster to the subsequent star base has been formally reduced to a disc. The housing therefore concentrates on its two axles, which are defined by the horizontal wheel axle and the vertically mounted runner pin. This leads to the formation of a clear and elegant unit with defined lines and edges. At the same time, the disk acts as a fundamental stylistic feature that clearly defines the caster as the product series.

The distinctive shape guarantees a high recognition value of the caster that, however, supplements the components of the furniture without competing with the design of the furniture.